Just thinking... about thoughts.

(Surreal photography - Unknown author)

Thoughts. They're just thoughts, right? I mean, it’s not like I’m going to be arrested or convicted in a court of law for having just some thoughts. Because thoughts aren’t tangible, people can’t see them, they don’t exist outside of our heads. Right??
Well, not quite. A thought can be VERY real, if you think that every action is born with a thought, unless your crazy. They make up our world as we see it through our ideas, beliefs, and mental schemes. There is nothing that you do that doesn’t have a thought behind it. Even if you don’t know that you’re thinking. The mind never stops, not even in our sleep. So, an underlying bad (or good) thought can influence you according to its nature, and even without you knowing, runs in your unconscient mind, like a broken code embedded in your inner “software”. Negative thoughts lead to actions that causes, sooner or later, troubles and sufferings that appear apparently “out of the blue”. And then you wonder why.

So - thoughts. Maybe they’re not JUST thoughts. Maybe they are the doorway (or one of them) to living the life that you really want to live, because when you acquire the hability to think what you REALLY want to think, you influence also your emotions (because emotions are always in direct relation to what and how we think about things).
And what do you really want to think? Let’s see. What do you want to do? How do you want to feel? Everybody wants to be happy, right? So, the thoughts that give you that are those that influences you for the best and towards what is the right thing to do in every situation.
This leads us to another question. What is “the best”? How do we know it? Well, you can learn from your mistakes so you don’t repeat them, but this method requires a lot of pain. Let’s think something else. You can learn from those who have been through that pain, and came to some conclusion about it. In this sense, every philosopher is your friend, even if he isn’t formally named as such. Because any person that asks for the truth, and tries to reach it, is a philosopher. But, after you came in contact with what they say about things, you need to practice. Take it to your own life, and live it. Because thoughts are meant to became actions, so you must act.
This is how you will change your life. Through the practice of knowledge that brings you the wisdom to live life as you should, so you can be TRULLY happy.

So, just think it over. Take care of your thoughts. Are you really in control of your own mind? Or have you been overrided by your mind, spinning around without a steady course, in spite of the consequences?

Thoughts - they’re NOT just thoughts. They’re a part of you that you need to master – or they will master you.